propeller hub

propeller hub
The center portion of a propeller to which the blades are attached and by which the propeller is attached to the engine.

Aviation dictionary. 2014.

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  • propeller diameter — The diameter of the circle described by a rotating propeller. It is twice the distance from the center of the propeller hub to the blade tip …   Aviation dictionary

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  • hub — /hub/, n., v., hubbed, hubbing. n. 1. the central part of a wheel, as that part into which the spokes are inserted. 2. the central part or axle end from which blades or spokelike parts radiate on various devices, as on a fan or propeller. 3. a… …   Universalium

  • propeller — [prə pel′ər, prōpel′ər] n. a person or thing that propels; specif., a device (in full screw propeller) on a ship or aircraft, consisting typically of two or more blades twisted to describe a helical path as they rotate with the hub in which they… …   English World dictionary

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  • hub — i. The portion of a propeller where the propeller blades are fastened. The hub is attached to propeller shaft of the engine. ii. The chief airport of a major city, which acts as an intermediate station where flights from various stations merge… …   Aviation dictionary

  • Propeller head — In aerospace engineering, the propeller head (or hub) is the central part of the propeller which is mounted on the aircraft engine s reduction gear, and in which the propeller blades are inserted, and which manages blade pitch variation. Most of… …   Wikipedia

  • hub — noun Etymology: probably alteration of 2hob Date: 1649 1. the central part of a circular object (as a wheel or propeller) 2. a. a center of activity ; focal point b. an airport or city through which an airline routes most of its traffic c. a… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • propeller — also propellor noun Date: 1780 one that propels; especially a device that consists of a central hub with radiating blades placed and twisted so that each forms part of a helical surface and that is used to propel a vehicle (as a ship or airplane) …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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